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A simple simulator for the Intel 8086 16 bits microprocessor

Currently, I8086 is a simulator application for 16 bits-based programs, this means that it tries to reproduce the same execution results for a given program as it might come out when executing the program on a real 8086 CPU.

It does not execute it in real-time, nor does it handle all the features of the processor.

I8086SIM is a set of 32-bits Windows-based programs written in C++ and inline x86 Assembly using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (Visual C++ version 9.0). It runs on Windows 2000 and later.

I8086SIM is command line driven. It can disassemble and simulate the execution of a 16 bits program in an isolated virtual machine enabling user inputs to the program and printing the outputs it produces. The program and the simulator work in two independent consoles, enabling consistent display and parallel monitoring.

I8086 was only built for simple demonstration purposes by Koutheir Attouchi in 2009.
Here are the files:

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